Open House Map

MV Campus Open House on Thursday, August 20th (3:00-7:00) will be a drive through only.  We ask that all vehicles enter, one-way, on N Riggsville Drive by Best Drug unless your student is in 3rd grade, 4th grade, or a student of Mrs. Brewer, Mrs. White, Mrs. Smith, or Ms. Connie.  These teachers will be in front of the elementary building where you can enter on Elementary School Drive.  The route will be one-way to keep the flow of traffic safe and organized.  1st grade, 2nd grade, Kindergarten, and Prek will be at stations on Killian Drive.  If you are going to MS or HS, you may use the left lane to bypass elementary locations.  Middle School will be located on the sidewalk in front of the Middle School building, behind the football field.  High School will be located in the Sophomore parking lot, behind the field house.  Save the Children will be located in the Junior parking lot by the Agri building.  Save the Children will be distributing items donated while supplies last.  Because both lanes of traffic around the school will be used as one way, we ask that all vehicles exit on High School Dive by the Stone County Hospital.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  We look forward to seeing you and your children!