MVMS Students-

This email contains a lot of important information, so please share this with your parents/caregivers. Please read ALL information below.

All students were given AMI Packets before Spring Break that contained 5 days worth of work. After Spring Break, more AMI work has been assigned. Some students chose to do it online through Google Classroom and some have chosen to have this packet mailed to them. If you chose to have the packet mailed to you, those packets were mailed out yesterday or last Friday. So, all MVMS students have at least one AMI packet, and some of those students have two packets. Whether you have one or two packets, here are the instructions for turning in the AMI Packets:

* Write first and last name on envelope if not already on there.

* Drop packet off at the "Tear Drop" at the Middle School (by where the buses park).

* There will be a tub to put your AMI PACKETS/TEXTBOOKS/LIBRARY BOOKS in located outside of the Middle School building.

* The due date for turning in these items is Wednesday, May 6th.

* Drop off these items Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 12:00.

All AMI work is due on Wednesday, May 6th. This is now the due date for all online AMI work as well. Feel free to turn work in as soon as you finish it. If you have two packets, you can turn both of them in at the same time, so just wait until you finish your second packet. If you are working online, just submit work to your teachers through Google Classroom, email, or Google Docs. 

Please turn in any textbooks and library books with your AMI Packets. Some of you have your textbooks and library books as well as personal belongings in your locker at school. Do not worry about those items. Next year, we will start the year off by getting books and personal belongings out of old lockers and transferring to new lockers. No students or parents will be permitted to come into the school. 

Here is how your end of year grades will be calculated for MVMS:
        3rd 9-Weeks (40% of grade)
    +   4th 9-Weeks (40% of grade - will be same as 3rd 9-Weeks)
    +   AMI Instruction (20% of grade)     
     =  Second Semester Final Grade

Example: Pretend like these are Tanya Stewart's grades...
        82 (3rd 9-Weeks grade) 
     + 82 (4th 9-Weeks grade/same as 3rd 9-Weeks) 
     + 100 (AMI Instruction)                    
    = 86 (Second Semester Final Grade)

Here is a link to an online grade calculator to assist you with figuring out your grade: 
Online Grade Calculator

* Whatever you have for the 3rd 9-Weeks will be your 4th 9-Weeks grade as well. AMI Instruction will be calculated into your Second Semester Final Grade. 
* Teachers and administration are not wanting you to stress at all. As a student, you need to show effort completing your AMI Packets and turn those packets in. 
* Contact your teachers if you have any issues, questions, or problems.
* Access your HAC (Home Access Center - online grades) to look at your 3rd 9-Weeks grade. (If you need HAC password, email Mrs. Stewart).